Rotisserie Turkey Breast from the Angels!

This recipe requires a rotisserie attachment for your grill or the use of a good friend to hold the other end of a rod as the two of you hold the turkey over the fire for a few hours… I recommend using the rotisserie feature.  The bird we use here is a basic turkey that has had the wings and legs removed already.

1 Thawed Turkey Breast (On the bone)

3 oz of Dave’s Poultry Rub

Time (as in, a few hours)

This is amazingly simple! As long as you follow a few key steps, this turkey will blow your flock away!

Make sure your bird is fully thawed and rinsed off.  Shake on the Dave’s Poultry Rub all over the outside skin of the bird.  Pull up the skin from the breast meat and shake some seasoning in between the skin and the meat.  Apply some seasoning into the main cavity of the bird.   Once bird is covered with seasonings, place it on the rotisserie and get it cookin’.   I would recommend placing a tin with a couple cups of water under the bird to add some moisture to the cooking as well as to catch any drippings from the bird.

If you have the means, I also recommend adding some wood chips to a smoker box for some added flavor.  If you don’t have a smoker box, make one out of aluminum foil (fold some foil up to make a little tray).  Soak wood chips in water for at least an hour.  Place soaked wood chips into box/tray and place over a lit burner in grill, preferably off to the side not under the bird.

Let the bird cook for at least a couple of hours, keeping an eye on your smoke chips and your water pan.  After a couple of hours start checking the temperature of the turkey.  If you have a bird with a pop-up temperature meter, then just wait for that to pop.  If not, you want to cook the bird to an internal temperature of 170 degrees F.

Let the bird rest at least 10 minutes after pulling off the grill and be prepared to eat the best tasting turkey this side of heaven!


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I'm the originator of Dave Eats! And the master blender of seasonings to make everything you eat taste better, well almost everything.
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