Roasted Chicken Breast w/Potatoes & Veggies

This is great because it gives you a whole meal in one dish.  There’s something comforting about this dish, I guess it makes me think of home!

Serves 2

2 Chicken Breast (boneless & skinless)

1 sweet onion (I like Vidalia’s)

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Green Bell Pepper

1 lb Potatoes (I like the red ones)

1 Tbs of Dave’s Poultry Rub

1-2 Tbs Olive Oil

Heat your oven to 350 F.

Prep your veggies by cutting them into bite sized pieces including the potatoes.  Cover the cut veggies and potatoes with the olive oil then coat them all with some of the Dave’s Poultry Rub, saving some for the chicken.  Put them in a baking/pyrex dish and set aside. Use remaining Poultry Rub to coat the chicken breast.

* Side note, if you have time to coat the chicken with the rub a couple of hours before that will make the flavor even better!

Get out a frying pan, put a little olive oil in it and heat it up to a high temp.  Once hot, sear both sides of each chicken breast.  A couple of minutes per side should be enough, as you just want to put a light crust on the chicken.

Place the chicken breast on top of the veggies.  Place dish into the oven and let bake for 45-60 minutes.  I like to stir the veggies up every 15 minutes or so to keep them from sticking to the pan.

Check your chicken to make sure it has an internal temperature of at least 160.  Depending on the size of your chicken breast and the size you cut your potatoes the baking time may differ.

Once the chicken has reached temperature and your potatoes are done to your liking, pull everything out of the oven and serve ’em up!  My wife likes this dish with a little cottage cheese on the side, but I think it has everything you need just like it is!


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I'm the originator of Dave Eats! And the master blender of seasonings to make everything you eat taste better, well almost everything.
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