Our Thanksgiving Turkey with Dave’s Poultry Seasoning

I thought I’d share how we prepared our Thanksgiving turkey this year.  This is going to be a recipe but it’s crazy simple so it won’t look like a normal recipe…

What you need…

A Turkey, butter and Dave’s Poultry Seasoning

Make sure your bird is thawed!!!  Then take out the “extras” from inside the bird and clean it out well with cool water.  Pat dry.  Then rub the bird down generously with the butter.  Then give the bird a nice coat of Dave’s Poultry Seasoning.  One tip I’ve found that really helps is to separate the skin from the breast of the bird and shove some butter and seasoning in between the meat and the skin.  Once fully coated follow the directions that came with your bird.  Normally 350 for 4-4.5 hours for a 12-14lb bird.

Here’s how ours turned out…

Thanksgiving Turkey w/ Dave's Poultry Seasoning!

Thanksgiving 2010 w/ Dave's Poultry Seasoning!


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I'm the originator of Dave Eats! And the master blender of seasonings to make everything you eat taste better, well almost everything.
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