Dave’s Tasty Tender Toasty Wings

I swore I was never going to share this recipe but it’s just too good to keep hidden forever.  These wings never touch the fryer and you’ll never miss it.

Total cook time about 2.5 hours.  Low & Slow with Crazy Heat at the end.

2 lbs of chicken wings/drummies/wing dings

3 pilsner beers

Dave’s HOT Seasoned Salt

Dave’s Rib Rub

1 cup of the hot sauce of your choice (I love Cholula)

1 stick of butter

*Option-2 cups Hickory wood chips, if you dare

Take your wings (the day before if possible) and give them a healthy shake of both Dave’s Rib Rub and Dave’s HOT Seasoned Salt.  This might seem a little excessive, but trust me this is the way to do this!  If you don’t have the time to do this the day before, an hour before will work.

Pre-heat oven to 350.  If you’re advanced enough to add the wood chips, you should soak them in water now.  Take coated wings and place in oven safe dish (like Pyrex).  Cover wings with beer.  This should only take 2 beers, so enjoy the third one.  You’ve earned it.  Place in hot oven.  After 30 minutes turn oven down to 275.  Let ’em cook for about another hour and a half.

Pre-heat your grill.  If you dared to soak your wood chips get them in the grill now.  Once they start smoking, it’s time to bring it!

Take your hot sauce and butter and melt them together in the microwave or over the stove.

Drain your wings.  Let the beer go.  It’s done it’s job.

Take wings, dip in hot sauce mixture and place on hot grill.  If your grill is hot this should only take a couple of minutes.  Once wings get a little toasty/crispy, re-dip the wings in the hot sauce and flip to other side.  Let the grill do its magic for another 3-5 minutes or until crispy.

Take ’em off the grill, serve with some Ranch or Blue Cheese and watch the amazed look on your friends’ faces when they taste ’em.  You can thank me later…


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I'm the originator of Dave Eats! And the master blender of seasonings to make everything you eat taste better, well almost everything.
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