An old pastime dish brought back and turned up a notch!

A comforting memory of mine from childhood comes from a plate piled high with my Mom’s Tuna Casserole.   There wasn’t much to it really, but it was a solid, fill your belly sort of meal.  It’s a budget-wise meal too.

In the days of moving away to college and craving this family favorite, I called Mom for the recipe and have now been cooking it myself for over 15 years.  Over those years I’ve altered from Mom’s original recipe a little by sauteing the onions and adding some of my Dave’s HOT Seasoned Salt, taking this classic to a new level!  Enjoy it…

The New Classic Tuna Casserole

1 box of good ole Kraft Mac & Cheese

1 medium onion

1 can of Cream if Mushroom soup

1-2 cans of tuna

Dave’s HOT Seasoned Salt

Start by preparing the mac and cheese just as directed on the box.  While that’s cooking, dice up your onion and saute it up in a pan.  I like to add either a little butter or a little olive oil and cook it nice and slow to caramelize the onions.

Once your mac n cheese is ready and your onions are browned, combine the remaining ingredients, being sure to drain your tuna.   Place everything in a oven/microwave safe dish.  If you’re a purist, throw the casserole in the oven at 350 for about 35-45 minutes.  Otherwise, cover with parchment or wax paper and toss it in the microwave for 6-7 minutes stirring once about halfway through.  Shake some of Dave’s HOT seasoned Salt on top and stir in right before serving.

This makes a relatively quick meal that the whole family can enjoy and the whole meal will only cost you about $5!

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Still thinking about those wings!

I just had to tell you that I can’t stop thinking about how well the wings went over at the last get together.  I saw an endless rotation of people going back for seconds and thirds until those Tasty Toasty Wings were gone… I could eat those everyday.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find the recipe below….

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It’s time for some Super Super Bowl Eats!

With the Super Bowl right around the corner I thought I’d share a couple of high demand recipes we use here at the huge parties on my street.  You have to start them off with a good Zesty Cheesy Cheese Dip and them hit in the head with some Tasty Tender Toasty Wings!

The Zesty Cheesy Cheese Dip:

1lb box of Velveeta Cheese

1lb of Spicy Pork Sausage (I like Jimmy Deans HOT Sausage)

1 can of Rotel Diced Tomatoes

1/4 Cup of Grated Parmesan Cheese

1 tsp of Dave’s Original Seasoned Salt

This couldn’t be easier to make things cheesier.  First brown the sausage and then place on some paper towels to drain some of the fat.  Then chop the cheese block up in squares about an inch each.

Grab your slow cooker/crock pot and layer the ingredients, some cheese, some sausage, some Rotel, a little parmesan and a little of Dave’s Original and repeat.  As the cheese melts give it a stir now and then.  Once melted grab your favorite chips and get to dippin’!

To take this up a notch and add some extra heat use Dave’s HOT Seasoned Salt.

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Dave’s Tasty Tender Toasty Wings

I swore I was never going to share this recipe but it’s just too good to keep hidden forever.  These wings never touch the fryer and you’ll never miss it.

Total cook time about 2.5 hours.  Low & Slow with Crazy Heat at the end.

2 lbs of chicken wings/drummies/wing dings

3 pilsner beers

Dave’s HOT Seasoned Salt

Dave’s Rib Rub

1 cup of the hot sauce of your choice (I love Cholula)

1 stick of butter

*Option-2 cups Hickory wood chips, if you dare

Take your wings (the day before if possible) and give them a healthy shake of both Dave’s Rib Rub and Dave’s HOT Seasoned Salt.  This might seem a little excessive, but trust me this is the way to do this!  If you don’t have the time to do this the day before, an hour before will work.

Pre-heat oven to 350.  If you’re advanced enough to add the wood chips, you should soak them in water now.  Take coated wings and place in oven safe dish (like Pyrex).  Cover wings with beer.  This should only take 2 beers, so enjoy the third one.  You’ve earned it.  Place in hot oven.  After 30 minutes turn oven down to 275.  Let ’em cook for about another hour and a half.

Pre-heat your grill.  If you dared to soak your wood chips get them in the grill now.  Once they start smoking, it’s time to bring it!

Take your hot sauce and butter and melt them together in the microwave or over the stove.

Drain your wings.  Let the beer go.  It’s done it’s job.

Take wings, dip in hot sauce mixture and place on hot grill.  If your grill is hot this should only take a couple of minutes.  Once wings get a little toasty/crispy, re-dip the wings in the hot sauce and flip to other side.  Let the grill do its magic for another 3-5 minutes or until crispy.

Take ’em off the grill, serve with some Ranch or Blue Cheese and watch the amazed look on your friends’ faces when they taste ’em.  You can thank me later…

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Poultry could mean Pasta… right?

I keep finding new uses for my seasonings and I never fail to be surprised at just how diverse each of them are.

I was making up some pasta and sauce last night when I started thinking through what flavors I wanted to add…  “garlic, some thyme, a little rosemary perhaps” and it hits me like a bug hitting the windshield on a drive through the country “My Poultry Rub has all those flavors and more!”

So I took a couple of teaspoons of Dave’s Poultry Rub and stirred it into my tomato sauce and it was just delightful!  I encourage you to try the same and let me know what you think…


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It looks like Dave’s made it’s way to many a Christmas Tables

I’ve received a few letters and emails telling me how folks enjoyed Dave’s Seasonings with their Christmas dinner this year.  It seems there are addicts popping up all over the place.

These photos came from some crazy couple said to have originally come from Fort Mill, SC.  They were telling me that they pretty much threw some seasonings on everything they served that day.  Man, I hope they didn’t put it on the fruit salad… then again, that might be good too.

Dave's Seasonings make an appearance at Christmas...never to miss a meal!

This couple told me they used the HOT Seasoning in their Green Bean Casserole.  And left the Original Dave’s on the table in place of that boring plain old table salt.

Sounds like a great Christmas dinner to me!

Ham, Green Bean Cassorole and some of Dave's Seasonings, does it get any better?

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Our Thanksgiving Turkey with Dave’s Poultry Seasoning

I thought I’d share how we prepared our Thanksgiving turkey this year.  This is going to be a recipe but it’s crazy simple so it won’t look like a normal recipe…

What you need…

A Turkey, butter and Dave’s Poultry Seasoning

Make sure your bird is thawed!!!  Then take out the “extras” from inside the bird and clean it out well with cool water.  Pat dry.  Then rub the bird down generously with the butter.  Then give the bird a nice coat of Dave’s Poultry Seasoning.  One tip I’ve found that really helps is to separate the skin from the breast of the bird and shove some butter and seasoning in between the meat and the skin.  Once fully coated follow the directions that came with your bird.  Normally 350 for 4-4.5 hours for a 12-14lb bird.

Here’s how ours turned out…

Thanksgiving Turkey w/ Dave's Poultry Seasoning!

Thanksgiving 2010 w/ Dave's Poultry Seasoning!

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